Tips on How to Clean the Cream Dispenser

If you’ve just invested in a quality cream dispenser it’s important to keep it clean and maintained so it will last you for longer. Although food grade nitrous oxide charged dispensers are sturdy pieces of equipment, they do have a few delicate parts. It’s essential to ensure you remove all these parts and clean them gently yet thoroughly. This will enable you to maintain the highest standards of hygiene whether you’re using it at home or at your business. Here are a few tips on how to clean your cream dispenser correctly.

Unscrew all removable parts

Before cleaning, unscrew all the removable parts. Dismantle your cream dispenser by first removing the top part from the cartridge. It’s important to release any food grade nitrous oxide gas from the bottle beforehand. You can do so by pressing the lever. Then you can unscrew the nozzle, protective cap, and charger and put these aside safely. If there are any other removable parts such as a base, unscrew this as well. Take out the flat gasket ring from inside the head and push down the valve stick so you can easily remove it. You will then be ready to clean your cream dispenser.

Use soft tools and products

Wash all the parts gently using soft tools such as a sponge. Avoid using abrasive tools and cleaning products. Don’t use stainless steel cleaners, for example. The best thing to do is to follow sustainable cleaning trends and opt for a natural dish soap or general cleaner. Alternatively, simply use warm soapy water.

Avoid putting it in the dishwasher

Check the cleaning instructions for your cream dispenser. Certain models may be dishwasher-safe but if you’re not sure it’s better to wash it by hand. This will ensure you clean it gently without risking damaging any of the parts. Avoid scrubbing too hard as well.

Remove all trace particles

It’s essential to get rid of all trace particles of cream or other substances in the dispenser. This will ensure these won’t contaminate your recipes next time you use it and it will function better overall. If you’re using a food grade nitrous oxide cream dispenser at your business, it’s also vital to follow food hygiene standards. This means giving it a thorough clean to make sure no residue remains. If there happens to be a blockage that’s more difficult to remove, try covering the spout with a tea towel or cloth and release any remaining nitrous oxide gas. You could then run the valve under the hot tap to remove the blockage.

Ensure it’s completely dry

After cleaning your cream dispenser you need to wait until all parts are completely dry before reassembling it. This is both for hygiene purposes and to prevent any damage to the inside of your dispenser. Leave parts to air dry thoroughly. You can then put it back together and charge it with food grade nitrous oxide when you’re ready to use it. If in doubt, always check the cleaning instructions.

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