Coffee – the interesting facts

As we all know, coffee is a brewed drink that is made from coffee beans. The quality and taste of the coffee will get varied based on the coffee beans and the way they are roasted. Taking coffee is not just for refreshment, but it also has several health benefits. Apart from this, coffee tends to have many other interesting facts that are to be known to the people who are highly taking coffee in their day to day lifestyle. Some of the interesting facts that can put the users into great astonishment are revealed below.


Brazil and coffee is always supposed to have a close link than they sound to be. This is because Brazil is considered to be the world’s largest producer of coffee. According to the recent report, Brazil cultivates coffee double the times when compared to Vietnam which is world’s second largest coffee producer. Brazil contributes more than 70% of coffee needed for the entire world.

They are not beans

As we all know, the most common way we use to represent the coffee is coffee beans. But the fact is they are not beans but berries. Since they tend to have legumes in appearance, they are commonly denoted as beans.

Coffee cherries

Many people tend to have a wrong assumption that the coffee cherries can be used only for making beverages. But the fact is they can be used as a food. And obviously in many countries they are used as food without any constraint. In many countries, these cherries are used for making energy rich balls which can add more flavor to their day. They are also used in the fermentation process of making wines. And this kind of fermentation process tends to provide better flavor for the wines.


The discovery of coffee beans is really the most interesting story. Astonishingly, the coffee berries were first discovered by a goat herder in early 1500. Suddenly his goats were sleepless throughout night and it remains energetic without any kind of tiredness. Later he noticed that his goats consumed higher quantity of coffee berries. And he also found that this was the reason behind the activeness of his goat. With this research, he approached the monks in his nearby region. The monks found to more useful to stay awake for their night pray. Later they started spreading it with the monks in other region. And along with the growth of civilization, coffee made a better reach all over the world.

Expensive coffee

Obviously while analyzing the interesting facts about coffee, it is highly important to consider the world’s most expensive coffee. Kopi Luwak is the world’s more expensive coffee and it comes from Indonesia.


When compared to that of the people in other parts of the world, the Europeans are highly crazy about coffee. They can never complete their day without a perfect coffee.

Apart from these, revealing the history of coffee will help in coming up with the most interesting facts. Today, the fair trade coffee is highly preferred as they are best in quality. Coffee of the Month in online can be better choice for the people who want to taste the best quality coffee without any compromise.

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