5 Unexpected Food Ingredients That Cause Allergic Reactions

If you’re a person who’s experienced food allergies in the past, you know how severe they can be. Those who aren’t familiar with the experience of an allergic reaction should beware of potential food ingredients that could trigger a reaction in them. 

Just because you’re not aware that you have food allergies doesn’t mean they don’t exist. You may just not have been exposed to the food that you’re allergic to yet. 

We’re going to take a look at 5 unusual food ingredients that might not be in your normal diet and cause allergic reactions in some people. If you’ve never been exposed to one of the following foods, it might be a good idea to have your doctor run an allergy check

  1. Some Red Meats

Some individuals might find that they’re allergic to particular red meats later in life. There’s a connection between a bite from a lone star tick and the onset of the allergy. 

If you find that you start experiencing some strange symptoms after eating particular red meats, it’s worth looking into. If you’ve been bitten by an unfamiliar species of tick recently and have symptoms after eating meat, you should consult with a doctor. 

You can also look into trying the best deli meat for people with food allergies. Some of those options might be good alternatives to the meat that you’re having symptoms with. 

  1. Dried Fruits with Sulfites

Some of the main preservatives in dried fruit products are compounds called sulfites. While you may not be allergic to the fruit itself, you could have a natural aversion to sulfites that produce a reaction. 

Sulfites are also present in a number of other common foods, so be sure to make note for the future if you have an allergic reaction after consuming dried fruit products. 

  1. New Tree Nuts

Tree nuts are a commonly-known problem for a lot of people. Many people simply have peanut allergies, or they might be allergic to a host of tree nuts. 

If you’re ever trying a new tree nut, though, it’s important to be aware of any symptoms you might experience afterward. This is particularly true if you’re already allergic to one or more tree nuts. 

  1. Forms of Wheat

Wheat allergies are ones that many people aren’t aware of. Most often, people have a form of gluten allergy when they have difficulty with wheat. 

That said, it’s possible to be allergic to unusual kinds of wheat like couscous, farina, and more. Just because you’ve been exposed to a lot of wheat in your life doesn’t mean the ones unfamiliar to you won’t produce a reaction!

  1. Soy

Soy allergies aren’t often discussed because it tends to be an issue with children. Many people grow out of soy allergies. 

There are still numerous adults that get reactions when they’re exposed to soy, though. On the off chance that you haven’t been exposed but are allergic, note that soy is present in tofu, many canned soups, edamame, and most brand-name junk foods. 

Need More Dietary Insight?

Hopefully, our list of food ingredients will be helpful to you as you look out for foods that might be dangerous. We’re here to help you with other areas of your diet, too. 

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