Tips to Become a Good Enterprise Manager 

Becoming a good manager not only means entails improving business productivity but it also entails making your fellow employees happy. As a manager, you should be a critical thinker to ensure you provide solutions, treat everyone as required and handle official duties in an appropriate manner. Many managers focus on just improving business productivity and expansion but in return forget about employees and other factors. What makes a person to work like an Enterprise Quality software manager? Below are some tips that you can use to ensure you increase the quality of management in in the workplace.

Let People to Work, Don’t Make Them Work 

There is a difference between a manager who makes people work and a manager who lets people to work. A manager is the one who should appreciate the talents of people and them to work autonomously. Managerial duties should not be harassing to the workers. Give every employee a chance to showcase their skills and make sure you understand them as they are. As a manager, put in mind that employees are human beings and they also get tired so make sure you give then an appropriate work-life balance so that they can also relax and rejuvenate. 

Be Like a Mentor 

Most managers are either highly educated or experienced or both. This means you have a higher understanding on what the employee does and therefore you know how to handle them well. As a manager, don’t just control but sometimes ensure that you offer some mentorship sessions and guidance. You not only create a good relationship but you also ensure you make them progress in one way or another. Take that experience or education advantage to guide the others so that you improve their competence and productivity at workplace.

Appreciate Your Employees Effort 

Don’t be like the old school managers who think yelling and cursing employees is the only way to make employees productive. As a manager, ensure that you appreciate people’s work and give feedback in a most appropriate way. As you set goals, make sure to appreciate them every time they accomplish the goals. Appreciating employees is like giving them morale that good work is always appreciated. If you don’t appreciate them, they will not understand the value of hard work so everyone would be doing things their own way. Make sure you always give them feedback, whether positive or negative. 


Being a manager being accountable for all the things that happen in a company but you should also ensure you have you treat employees better. Employees are the greatest resource of the whole enterprise because they help to manager and run all the other resources. As a manager, make it a habit to ensure every person feels comfortable to work through provision of a conducive working environment and work culture. Know how to prioritize projects and ensure that they are handled with the urgency deserved to avoid making the employees do unnecessary work. That one will help to improve the productivity of the company without having to oppress employees. 

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