4 olive oil benefits for face

Olive oil is mainly a staple of the Mediterranean diet and the abstract of olives. Olive oil is a source of many nutritional diets.  It’s very common in use either you are adding olive into your diet oil into your or going to apply it directly on your face. 

Many people are frequently applying olive oil on face and hair with the purpose of enhancing their beauty. 

Following are the benefits of olive oil for face

Olive oil protects the damaged skin cells

Olive oil acts as an antioxidant, which greatly could prevent oxidation from your face or from anywhere you apply it. It’s factually approved that antioxidants are components to process damaged skin cells and also prevents premature aging effects on your skin. 

Olive oil has the capability of fighting against the cancer-causing cells. Furthermore, it’s scientifically approved that olive oil can fight against harmful ultraviolet rays. Consequentially, Tumor growth will also be lower in olive oil consumers. 

Olive oil treats a variety of skin conditions 

Olive oil is the source of different vitamins which are enlisted below

    • Vitamin A 
    • Vitamin D 


  • Vitamin E


Vitamin E is greatly supportive of enhancing your skin glow and elasticity. You can find a lot of examples where you can see that olive oil cures many skin issues gently and provide you amazing results on your face and anywhere on your body.

Moisturizing effects of olive oil on the face 

Olive oil is popular among all the natural moisturizers. It protects the skin from damaging dryness. You will also have the option of preventing a greasy effect on your face. It will keep your skin healthy and dryness free. 

Olive oil works as an exfoliator

Olive oil is a great exfoliator. So, you can add it to facial scrubs. While scrubbing your face, olive oil will give you outstanding results as an exfoliator. 

Olive oil gives you wrinkle treatment

Because of having anti-oxidant content, olive oil reduces the wrinkles and also decreases the aging effect from your skin. 

Before using olive oil for the above given proposes, we must keep in mind to avoid applying its excessive amount. Use of excessive amount on your face can clog your skin pores or you might have acne issues on the face. 

So, always be careful about its quantity. Moreover, select the olive oil category according to your skin requirements. You can use virgin or extra virgin olive oil as per your skin condition. So, choose wisely. 


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