3 Healthy Food Substitutions to Consider When Ordering Delivery

Trying to eat healthy when ordering take-out can be a challenge. Many menu items are loaded with fats, sodium, and cholesterol, making it difficult to make healthy choices.

It doesn’t help that the “smart” menu choices are bland and the options are slim.

Luckily, there are some healthy food substitutions that you can make the next time you order out. Enjoy regular menu items without feeling greasy and guilty by making simple swaps.

3 Healthy Food Substitutions to Try

If you need some inspiration finding healthy food substitutions when ordering out, look no further. Here are 3 simple swaps to help you make healthy choices while still enjoying delicious menu options!

  1. Swapping in Grilled Chicken

If your sandwich or salad comes with “crispy” chicken, it’s a sneaky way of saying that the chicken has been coated in bread and fried, making it much more unhealthy.

This makes ordering a salad ineffective, as the fried chicken turns your light and balanced meal into something unhealthy.

Instead, opting for grilled chicken is a much healthier option. Chicken that has been grilled is lower in fat and sodium, but still provides a great source of protein.

This allows you to order the dish you really want while making healthier food choices and still enjoying a lean and clean way to enjoy your meal.

  1. Baked Potatoes Instead of French Fries

Even if you’re ordering take-out from a drive-through, you can still make healthy choices when eating fast food.

French fries are considered a staple at many eateries, but they are fried in oil and coated with salt, making them unhealthy.

Potato lovers fret not, because there’s a simple switch. Swapping your fries for a baked potato is a great way to get your potato fix. Just be sure to avoid loading the baked potato up with butter, oil, and cheese.

And, if you don’t feel like driving to pick up food, check out to learn about their healthy meal delivery services.

  1. Ask for Brown Rice 

If a meal comes prepared with white rice, ask for brown rice instead. This is a great way to cut down on empty calories.

White rice is notorious for its lack of nutritional value. Eating white rice is essentially just filler and empty calories.

Asking for a brown rice substitute is a great way to make healthy food choices when eating fast food. Restaurants and meals that rely heavily on rice will be much more nutritious, with a brown rice base instead.

Brown rice also has more fiber than white rice, which will make you feel fuller faster, limiting how much you consume.

Ready to Make Simple Switches?

Don’t skip on dinner plans with friends to adhere to your diet.

There are plenty of healthy food substitutions you can make to eat clean while when ordering out. Opting to find healthy substitutes for everyday foods is a great way to enjoy your take-out meals.

Ask your server for any help with finding healthy substitutes for junk food when ordering take-out. They’ll be happy to assist you!

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