The Best Wines to Pair with Vegetable Dishes.

Since we all know how much the wine pairings are famous and adored by all the wine lovers. So, just say this that there are a lot of other pairings as well that you can do with wine. Not only desserts but also vegetables. We are going to pour in some of our suggestions so you would not miss out these wonderful vegetables which you can have with wine. Before we start the first thing you need to know is that wine pairings are not easy to combine, they need complete understanding to blend and prepare a balanced combination. If you want a superlative match just match food composition with the wine characteristics, so it doesn’t overpower and compliments each other. You can find all types of wine online, buy tequila online from your nearest store to face any hurdle. Wine characteristics have these different factors that we are mentioning below;

  • Sweetness- Wines that have lower tannins will taste sugary and sweet. This sweetness added in the wines during the fermentation.
  • Acidity- Acidity occurs when the grapes which are added in wine bottles are citric. The wine gets crisp only when there is an acidity in the wine. The cooler places produce more acidic wines because the grapes take time to ripe.
  • Tannin- Red wines have tannins because polyphenol exists in these wines. It causes dry mouth but a lot of people still adore this.
  • Body- As we all know wines have their own capacity. As many are light bodied, some medium bodied and some full bodied. It is based on tannins, sweetness and acidity. 

And if you know how the wine tastes and what its tendency is, you can easily pair this up. Wines should be more acidic than the food if you want it to taste better. All the grapes and ingredients of specific areas have their own specific taste.

White Wines to try with Vegetables.

These wines are somewhat dry in nature. This category has a wide selection of wines. These are generally used with light meals because they are light bodied. Talking about Pinot Grigio it is light bodied and has less tannins. It perfectly goes with light dishes like pasta, salads and raw dishes. Rolle is one of the light bodied white wines and it also goes with the light dishes as mentioned above and not so oily fries, light pasta dishes etc. Chardonnay wine is known to be medium bodied white wine, and it can be paired up with medium dishes like potatoes, goat cheese dishes, butternut squash etc. Sauvignon Blanc is a medium bodied white wine which is famous all around the world for its medium tannins, it can be paired up with pesto, vegetable burgers, lemon works really nice with this white wine because of its acidic factor. Viognier is known as medium to full bodied. It pairs up nicely with mild flavored curries, peanut gravy or sauce, cumin dishes etc. Gewürztraminer is a bold and full bodied wine, originated from Germany. You can try vegetable dishes that are spicy, it is going to be a perfect combination. You can have asian and indian curries, thai food, smoked grill food etc. 

Red Wines to try with Vegetables.

Red wines are famous to consume for dinners and occasions on which there are heavy food varieties. It is heavier than any other wine. Medium and Full bodied, high ratio of alcohol and more tannins. So, it has the tendency to bear all kinds of foods including vegetables and meat also. You can pair it up with any strong meal, so you don’t really need to worry about the kind of meal you are having. Still let us guide us, what is going to suit red wine best. Pinot Noir is the famous red wine for its silky tannins. It is light bodied and originated from France. It tastes like raspberry, mushroom types, it goes best with vegetables like eggplant, mushrooms, cauliflower and root vegetables. The next one is Bordeaux Blend originated from France as well and tastes like plum. You can pair this up with cheese that is aged, grilled and barbecued food. Syrah is consumed all over the world and is full bodied, it tastes like chocolate and blueberry. It can be paired up with vegetable based burgers and sandwiches, eggplant, barbecued foods, mushrooms and pastas. Isn’t that cool? You can have any type of food with red wines. Malbec is Argentina based wine and known for its plum and dark flavours, this wine is an alternative of Sauvignon and Shiraz. You can try this with baked potatoes, roasted cauliflower, asiago etc. Zinfandel red wine is full bodied with high tannins, it tastes like strawberries and peaches. Since it has everything high you can pair it up with rich and spicy taste foods. Try pairing it up eggplant curry, pizza, mexican food, olives, and other spicy asian food.

Sparkling Wines to try with Vegetable Food.

A lot of people consider to consume this wine on occasions or special events but no, you can do it in your daily routine if you like it. And it goes up really well with food that has vegetables. Cava is light bodied in nature with high acidity levels, originated from Spain. It tastes like limes, apples and pears. It can be paired up with barbecued food, vegetables based sushi, japanese/chinese food, less oil fried food like bread rolls, etc. Champagne is the most famous sparkling wine. Who doesn’t like champagne? And combining it with vegetarian food is absolutely enjoyable. It tastes like white cherries, peaches and almonds. It is normally paired up with appetizers, you can pair it up with creamy curries, vegetables based sushi, Chinese cuisine, mushrooms, fried vegetables food etc. Prosecco is light bodied and high in acidity levels, originated from Italy. It has the taste of melon, pears and some green apples. You can pair it up with salad (mixing up with cabbage, carrots, potatoes etc), thai food, almonds etc. 

Try this at your end, and let us know which dish paired up with wine. We want you to experience something really well and enjoy it!


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