Tips for Designing Your Restaurant’s Outdoor Space

Adding an outdoor space to a restaurant is a daunting challenge. There are many of aspects involved in such a task.

Most outdoor spaces designed by Dawnvale are near the entrance so it is the first thing a customer sees before stepping into your restaurant. Therefore, you should make the space as outstanding as possible.

The following tips should help you to do so:

Put in a Sign

All businesses have a professional sign close to their businesses and an outdoor seating space is just the right place to put it. You should get acquainted with the rules and restrictions of your locality as it pertains to signage.

Get a professional sign maker to make an excellent sign for your restaurant. You should be as involved in the design process as possible when designing the sign.

Your business sign is part of the first impression you make on customers. So be creative and spare no expense in this endeavor.


The outdoor space of your restaurant should also be well lit. Lighting sets the ambience of an establishment and it does not take much to go wrong with this space.

You should select lights that accurately portray the ambience that you want to portray at the establishment. They should also not call too much attention to the customers as if they were spotlights.

Lighting also serves the purpose of ensuring customer safety. If you can, you should have low lighting for entertaining your customers and additional stronger lights for security purposes.

You can get as creative with the lights as possible. Make them flicker, give them color and many more.

Rubbish Collection

It is common to throw things on the ground when we are outdoors. It is not right but it seems to be the inclination of most.

If you are going to have an outdoor space in your restaurant, trash receptacles will be a very important facet of their design. You should ensure that the area is as clean as possible by making it very easy to throw away trash.

You should also have a separate outdoor smoking area. Many customers do not want to wade through a cloud of smoke whenever they enter your restaurant. That way, you also will not have cigarette butts dirtying your outdoor space.

Seating Area

Outdoor seating is one of the hardest things to get right. The reason is that there are so many elements that can affect your furniture when placed outdoors.

One thing you should strive for when buying furniture for your restaurant’s outdoor space is durability. The chairs will be exposed to harsh weather elements for most of the year, so they had better be able to withstand it.

If your budget can allow it, you should choose contract furniture over store bought furniture for outdoor furniture. It will be of higher quality and you can customize them for your restaurant.


How you decorate the outdoor space of your restaurant is ultimately up to you. You can make it as personal as you would like.

One thing you can aim for is to make the space greener. Since it is the outdoors, decorating the space with some plants is a good idea.

You can also decide on awning, color and windows and many other factors as they pertain to an outdoor space. The decoration should make the outdoor dining experience as thrilling as possible.

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