Décor and catering play a crucial role in making any wedding a success. Your Wedding Catering Toronto will ensure that the food which is served is memorable and lip-smackingly good. When it comes to food all you have to do is find the right caterer and they will take care of the rest, but with décor, it is a completely different ball game. The wedding should be elegant. There are certain trends which don’t go out of style.

Simplicity at its best

Bridal bouquets are one of the biggest moments of the wedding day. When the bride is walking down the aisle, people not only check out what she is wearing but also the bouquet that she is holding and every other aspect of her look. A soft and simple bouquet which has been made out of roses or oriental lilies are classic and romantic. Bouquets which have been made out of these flowers give your look a subtle touch of elegance which you are aiming for. It is always best to opt for whites or pastel toned flowers as they are truly timeless and add to the look.

Colouring your wedding 

When you are planning your wedding, having colours and tones set out for the décor will help you to have an elegant décor. Neutral tones are always a great idea. You could opt for a soft combination of white, ivory, pastel tones and gold for your wedding celebrations. Such soft colour combinations will give your wedding an elegant and aesthetically pleasing décor.

The Photo Wall

Having an elegant floral backdrops is a great wedding trend. This gorgeous wall is the perfect backdrop for clicking memorable pictures and also letting your guests click some insta-worthy pictures. Having a floral wall will brighten the décor of the wedding and add colour to the elegant and beautiful wedding décor.

The Starry Night

Twinkling fairy lights can shake up the ambience always. They give an enchanting look, making your wedding look very magical indeed. There are various designs of the fairy lights which are available, you can opt for the one which matches your wedding theme.

Illuminate the day

The way you do the lighting of the wedding can make a whole lot of difference to the feel and look of the wedding. You could illuminate the wedding with fairy lights and candles which will give the guests and you a soft and romantic feel. It will add to the enchantment feeling. Your wedding venue would like a fairy tale which has come to life. You could also use ornate candlesticks to add to the enchanted look.

Set Table to excellence

When deciding on how to set the table, choose soft and delicate fabrics which are the perfect choice for any elegant table setting. Try to keep the tones subtle and refreshing but you could also add a pop of colour to not let the settling look too bland.


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