Taste the Finest Haitian Food Ever From Pops and Poosh

If you are someone who is looking to have the finest and authentic Haitian food that would bring about a completely mind-blowing experience then you should try out Pops and Poosh. Established in the years 2008, Pops & Poosh has come a long way and has created wonders in the food arena. It was founded by 2 brothers Parnell Gervais and Wagner Gervais. Their mom and dad are the chefs that dish out some exotic and top notch food varieties. The Caribbean Kitchen is located in Baldwin, NY in Nassau County Long Island and has garnered huge amount attention from foodies all over the region. 

King of Haitian Patties

The restaurant is quite popular for their one of a kind Haitian Patties that is more like savoury pastries and has huge fan-following. They have a wide-spread menu and the top of it happens to be Haitian Caribbean dishes like rice and beans with stew chicken.  They have plenty of patties varieties to offer cod fish, beef, chicken, herring, conch and vegetable. Pops And Poosh are looking to expand and open several restaurants throughout the Tri state area as they want to provide the splendid experience for one and all. They want to spread its food outlets across the world so that more people get to taste the authentic Haitian food varieties. 

Socially responsible

Pops & Poosh is not just serving world-class Haitian food but they are also known for their social responsibility. Pops And Poosh does not forget its roots. They provide 10% of all sales back to a school in Haiti that is known to feed over 80 students on a daily basis. It comes across as a perfect example for living out your passion and also contributing to the world in a better way and making it a better place.