Make Your Own Braised Salmon With This Appetizing Recipe

For this recipe, you can use “sek pan”, “ka lap” or other fish heads. Try this braising fish head with fried bean curd or fuchuk and soy sauce for a wonderful take on the collagen-rich part of the salmon. This braised salmon is a side dish of Chinese cuisine. It takes around twenty minutes to prepare and twenty more minutes to cook it. Consider the ingredients you use to determine the Braised Salmon Head with Soy Sauce price (หัว ปลา แซลมอน ต้ม ซี อิ้ ราคา, which is the term in Thai). You will need a wok to prepare this tasty item of salmon.

What ingredients do we use?

The ingredient’s needs are as stated below:

  1. We will need oil for frying.
  2. To add to the taste of the dish, we are using light soy sauce.
  3. We will roughly chop three cloves of garlic.
  4. We have to cut a pack of fried fuchuk or bean curd into pieces of bite-size.
  5. And lastly, we have a salted and halved medium-sized salmon fish head.

Follow The Instructions To Prepare The Braised Salmon

  • Firstly, we will marinate the fish for fifteen minutes or more after rubbing salt all over it. While the salmon is kept aside to be marinated, we will soak fuchuk for a while in the water.
  • Then we will heat some oil and put the fish head in it with the outer part facing downwards. Then we will fry it till it turns golden brown and then flip over to fry the opposite side and remove it from heat.
  • We will add one or two teaspoons of garlic and oil and heat up. The fuchuk will be added once the fry starts to emit fragrance. We’ll add sufficient water to cover it and boil for almost five minutes to draw the flavours out of the bean curd. Then we will add the salmon.
  • And lastly, we will add seasoning and soya sauce to taste. Our dish is now ready to be served.

If you are looking forward to opening a Chinese restaurant or stall, the braised fish head is a wise choice. You can modify the recipe and use different fish heads for other items as well. The Braised Salmon Head with Soy Sauce price can vary depending on where your shop is located and the components you use in your dish.