Here’s Why You Should Always Order Organic Meat


It is said, a man is what he eats. Keeping this age-old proverb in mind, you must choose your food carefully. The food you eat can affect your health and even the environment, which is why you should source your food from the right places.

  • Organic animal farms grow their animals without injecting them with various drugs, unlike conventional animal farming that looks only to increase their profit. The organic farms achieve their ‘organic’ status after government-approved certified checks if all rules are being followed in the process by which the food is grown. 
  • It is a proven fact that the animals that are raised happier taste better as the quality of such meat is superior. While purchasing meat, you have to see where it is sourced from. Buying meat from an organic meat shop is a good way to eat healthier. The animals in organic farms are usually grown with extra care, because of which their meat is flavorful and packed with more nutritious substances. 
  • The animals that are raised in organic animal farms are not administered antibiotics or growth hormones. Growth hormones such as rBGH, BGH, rBST which are given to young cattle to produce more beef or milk have been made illegal in many countries across the world due to the dangerous consequences they have on humans and cattle. Such meat is detrimental to the health of the consumer and can cause hormone-related cancers. You can avoid these dangers by eating organic meat sourced from grass-fed cows. 
  • Organic farms give animals more space to run around and exercise their bodies. The muscles of such animals are well-developed as compared to those animals that are grown in smaller spaces, giving their meat a darker color. This kind of darker meat is much more flavorful than the ones that are lean and grey or dark brown in color. 
  • These animals are fed organic feed which is better for their health. This ensures that the nutrients in their meat do not contain traces of any artificial additives that the animal might have consumed. Grass-fed cows have higher levels of Omega-3, antioxidants, and lower levels of fat, making the beef nutritious and wholesome. 

Considering these reasons, it is much healthier to order organic meat instead of commercial, mass-produced ones. Don’t know where to find reliable farms providing organic meat? Companies like Papa Earth delivers the freshest meat sourced from organic farms.  

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