Foie Gras Salad Recipes That Can give a Healthy and Balanced Diet

Foie gras is a calorie and fat-rich food, which is also rich in vitamins and mineral. It is obtained from the fatty liver of duck or goose. It is a French delicacy, which is now worldwide famous. In initial days, foie gras was obtained only from the goose fatty liver, but with time when goose was scarcely available and expensive as well, people thought of duck as a substitute.

To obtain a fatty liver, some ducks and geese are overfed to gain weight. Overfeeding makes them fat and mono-saturated and saturated fat accumulated on the walls of the liver. This liver is either converted into a velvety creamy texture called pate or cut in blocs for grilling or frying. In any form, foie gras is a delicacy that can be enjoyed with any drink, snacks, and savoury dish.

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Fatty liver may sound unhealthy, but this type of fat is always healthy. As mentioned above, it also contains copper, iron, Vitamin A and B12 which is good for energy level and increasing RBCs. Still, a balanced diet is always helpful to maintain a healthy body. Therefore, if you want to have foie gras frequently, then try them in salad form.

Here are some salad recipes that include foie gras –

Salad with Foie Gras and Toast recipe | Eat Smarter USA

Foie Gras Salad (Serves 4)


  • whole duck foie gras – 200g
  • lettuce heart – 100g
  • marinated peppers and green beans – 50g
  • 10-12 thin toasted baguette slices
  • pine nuts – 10g
  • Hazelnut oil, freshly ground pepper and Fleur de sel


  • Arrange the lettuce leaves on the plates, top with marinated peppers, green beans and pine nuts.
  • Place the slices of toasted baguette and foie gras on top of the ingredients and the lettuce leaf.
  • Add a few drops of hazelnut oil, sprinkle fleur de sel and freshly ground pepper. Ready to serve.

Foie gras with Perigourdone salad (Serves 4)


  • duck Foie Gras – 1 bloc
  • sliced Duck Gizzards – 1 Can
  • smoked Duck Magret, pre-sliced – 1 packet
  • Any salad
  • Olive oil with white truffle, Balsamic vinegar, salt, pepper and walnut kernels


  • Put the can of gizzards in a frying pan and fry them until brown.
  • Prepare the vinaigrette sauce.
  • Put the salad of your taste on the plate. This can be bean sprouts, fresh leafy vegetables, cherries, berries, etc.
  • Add the slices of smoked duck Magret and foie gras in lukewarm gizzards.
  • Sprinkle walnuts and before serving, add the vinaigrette sauce.

Foie Gras is a meat that can be prepared in any form. As long as you’re creative, you can prepare anything for it. Just enjoy the flavourful foie gras blocs or pate with snacks, crackers, wine, champagne and any savour dish.

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