Date Recipes That Are Easy and Oh So Good

When it comes to dates, people still do not know how to eat them other than gorge on them as a snack. But from dessert to sweet and savory, dates are now a part of all kinds of cuisine and for people, it truly is become a favorite replacing many other items.

The fiber, the antioxidant, minerals, is some of the most common nutritional benefits that you get to enjoy with dates when you buy dates online. As a dried fruit, they come with a better and longer shelf life and is convenient to stock on for making it a part of an elaborate meal or just a munching snack. Try on these date recipes and enjoy them a lot.

Banana-Date Smoothie

Now, whether trying to go for an on-the-go smoothie, banana and date smoothie is the one you should be going for. Both banana and date are sweet and therefore, you do not even have to add any sweetener, this cardamom-spiced smoothie is delicious. Also, adding the chia seeds gives a protein boost making it a complete meal on its own.

Tahini Date Salted Caramels

This decadent and dairy-free caramel is very easy to make. Blend tahini, dates, and also coconut oil, and then transfer the mixture to a pan. You can then freeze it and then cut it into any shape you want and make them bite-sized. Dates enhance the flavor and add sweetness to it.

Paleo Bacon Date Bites

You can still enjoy the Paleo diet while having this snack. These squares are easy to make and can be gobbled in a bite, they are sweet, savory, and salty all at the same time. It gives you energy just in an instance and has it whenever you want it.

Orange. Date and Almond Salad

Buy dates online and make this vibrant fruity salad when you willing to experience something homey, bright, and light. And, not to worry, it will satisfy your sweet tooth as well. Finely cut dates along with a dash of caramel sweetness and cinnamon roasted almonds give the salad the crunch and palate.

Creamy Orange Date Smoothie

While some smoothies could make you feel hungry faster, some could make you full till lunch. This is something you should be trying and surely you will fall in love with it.

Therefore, here are some of the best date recipes that not only will impress you but your loved ones too. Try them and make them a staple of your daily diet.

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