Creative Use Of Plastic Shelf To Declutter The Mess

Collection of all sorts of things is everyone’s habit even if we have no room for storing those or no idea of organizing them neatly. That’s why we’ve incorporated plastic shelf (ชั้น วาง ของ พลาสติก, which is the term in Thai) storage at our local store and you can use it for multi-purpose. And one of the most tedious activities apart from all-day routine tasks would be to organizing things. And store them in their proper place to utilize the space to its fullest, making it look better than a mess. And every home interior and space is different. So, storage organization can vary depending on these and other factors that are why you need to figure out the right way for your home. Let us figure out some places in your home that is usually messed up in every home and need proper organization. 


The fridge is one of the locations that you can mess up quickly with the left-over food, which is already stinking, takeout boxes unsealed. And one of the simple ways to avoid this mess is to store it in an airtight container. And the shelf should not get affected by the low temperature. There are multiple plastic storage boxes and racks available in the market to store your food with good packaging, or even you can use zip lock bags to store these to prevent food from unwanted air exposure. These plastic shelves are also suitable to store pulses that you cannot keep outside. 


Many of us have experienced an unorganized closet and make us more difficult to find what we have to wear on occasion. Creating a room for each type of dress can make it more organized and make your search easy. Get a plastic shelf for storing your shoes safely, keep your tops under one counter, keep all your jeans in another, and so on. They are transparent, so you can easily view what’s inside rather than messing up those boxes too. 


It is one of the most common things that will go wrong and create a huge mess around. We can find everything under that one drawer, but it gets tricky to get as everything like pen, pencil, stapler, clips rubber is all scattered around. It is easy to create an organized space under the drawer with shelves for keeping everything isolated. 

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