Choosing the Leanest and Healthiest Cuts of Steak

Consuming too much of everything is not good for your health. As much you as you love delicious steaks for dinner, you must keep in mind that a serving size of beef is just 3 ounce. This is less than what most restaurants will serve you for their smallest portion. If you want to eat steak and stay healthy, look order the leanest, best cuts of beef fromRibnreef.

Getting Health Benefits by Eating Steaks in Moderation

Steak and other red meat can be healthy for you if you consume lean cuts and stick to the right portion size. Indeed, red meat has plenty of healthy vitamins and nutrients that can help boost your immune system and improve your heart health. This means that eating steaks should not be scary for health fanatics. A lot of people can have a small portion of lean beef two times every week without worrying about serious effects on their weight, heart, and overall health.

The Healthiest Steak Cuts

The USDA regulates the labels on steaks. A packaging that says “lean” or “extra lean” means it has been approved by the USDA for the package. A packaging that says “lean” means the beef has less than10 grams of fat while the “extra lean” one means it has less than 5 grams of fat. But, you can make nearly all steaks healthier by removing the unnecessary fat from their edges and cooking the meat in olive oil instead of butter. Below are the leanest cuts of steak you can find:

  • Top sirloin. Typically, this is a lean cut because it has up to 10 grams of fat per serving. This cut only has 4 grams of saturated fat, which is bad fat. It is packed with around 50 grams of protein which is a little more than most other lean steak cuts.
  • Top round roast. This is a moderately-lean cut of beef obtained from the hip area. Because of the fat content, this steak can be tenderer and super flavorful. That is why many health enthusiasts choose this cut.
  • Bottom round roast. This is a low-fat cut full of muscles. It is obtained from the cattle’s rear leg that tends to move a lot. This cut can be chewer than other meats.
  • Eye of round roast and steak. This cut tends to have the lowest fat content, often getting an “extra lean” label. While shaped like tenderloin, it doesn’t offer the tenderness of tenderloin. However, it’s perfect as a pot roast or marinated steak.

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