4 Reasons to Add Spices to Your Food 

When it comes to food, spices bring all the differences in the foods that we eat. While some people tend to dislike highly spiced food, spices have the best health benefits so they should be made a necessity when cooking the food. Spiced foods tend to be tantalizing especially if someone gets a perfect food color that matches the taste. Research has shown that Asians live long because of the natural spices that they put on food. Always make sure to add spices on your because there is scientific evidence that indeed spices are worth taking. 

Spices Increase Life Longevity 

Natural spices have been found to increase the lifespan of people. This is because they can reduce cell death in the body thereby reducing the process of aging. When you add natural food colors to your food, you also increase the strength of your cells making your aging process lower down. This means that as long as you make it a routine to add spices to your food, you may delay old age significantly which will make you live longer than you anticipate. 

Spices Have Ant-Inflammatory Properties 

When you add spices to your food, you reduce the process of inflammation in your body. conditions such as gastroenteritis and irritation of the GIT will be eliminated making you live a very good life. ginger and garlic are some of the spices that have been used for medicinal purposes because of their outstanding anti-inflammatory processes. This is the best way to ensure you even eradicate bacterial infections and viral infections. Natural spices are widely available so take your time and add some to your food to enjoy these benefits.

Spices Can Kill Cancer Cells 

Spices are like natural immune enhancers. They tend to strengthen your T-cytotoxic cells to kill cancer cells thereby helping in the reduction of cancer spread. You need to know that these spices are natural so they enhance the organic growth of the body thereby making you have a strong immune system. 

Spices like capsaicin have been seen to demolish cancer infected cells thereby making the individuals feel relieved. With the anti-inflammatory processes, even pain from cancer is also reduced making the person live a better life. If you make it a habit to consume these spiced foods, you will be reducing the risk of developing cancer.

Spices Kill Bacteria 

Cumin and turmeric are some of the anti-bacterial spices that people can take, if you make it a habit of eating these spices, your body becomes a no-go zone for bacteria so you live a very healthy life. Most of these spices tend to eliminate respiratory infections and stomach infections.


Food containing spices is healthy food. Besides the delicious nature of these foods, they also improve one’s wellbeing and you also increase your lifespan. Just add a moderate amount of spices in your food and you will begin enjoying the benefits. The more consistent you are in eating spiced foods, the more benefits you attain.