Why Fois Gras Should Be Considered A Must-Taste Delicacy?

Fois gras is one of the most delectable French delicacies that is made of rich duck or goose liver and is very popular not just among the French but people all over the globe. The subtle sweetness and the high nutritional value not only make it rich in taste but something you should taste once. Fois Gras is the liver which contains a huge fat content which comes with feeding the ducks or the goose and limiting their movement. The liver could grow up to three times bigger than a normal one.

The delicacy is seen famously as a French delicacy though the origin of it is from Egypt which was a favorite among the pharaohs. This is one gourmet food that many would recommend you to have but keep in mind that it is rich and there is a correct proportion regarding how much you could consume at once.

But if you are still wondering whether it is healthy or not and have any questions on the calories, then the information below will give you peace of mind. Indulge in a piece or two without worrying because it is not every day you get to taste something as amazing as fois gras.

It Has Good Fat In It

The idea of fat content may be overwhelming for those who are calorie-conscious. But when eaten in moderation, this is good for you. The fat that is known to be present inside the fois gras is good therefore, you know you will be missing out on a lot if you do not indulge in this tasty delicacy.

The fats are made of mono-saturated and also poly-saturated fats. They help in lowering the bad cholesterol in your body and also help in raising the good one.

Not To Forget Tasting French Delicacy Is A Must

The French have created some great delicacies that almost the whole world cannot do without now. From sausages, butter to triple-cream cheeses, the list goes on. And, fois gras is one such food item that needs no new introduction but is truly a local favorite and not to forget for the tourists as well.

But like every other gourmet food, a balanced meal is a necessity. Therefore do indulge but moderately, paying good attention to the quantity and the portions. There are so many types of wines and sides that you could enjoy with your fois gras making it quite an excellent food tasting experience.

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