This Is How to Grill Ribs Everyone Will Enjoy

Did you know that the world’s longest cooking marathon lasted over 87 hours?

While it’s true that the best barbecue ribs take a long time to cook, the good news is that anyone can whip up a tasty rack in two hours or less.

Do you want to learn how to grill ribs at home? Keep reading to learn 5 steps that will make the process simple.

1. Buy and Prepare the Meat

Since there are lots of different types of ribs on the market, you’ll have to decide which you’re in the mood for. Most people eat baby back ribs from pigs, but there are other cuts of pork and even ribs from beef and lamb. Beginners should stick with the easiest cuts like baby back, St. Louis, and spareribs before moving onto less common cuts.

Before you season your meat, make sure you inspect it and trim off any membranes and grizzle.

2. Get the Dry Rub

Whether you buy a spice rub from the store or try to make your own recipe, no ribs should go on the grill without a thorough rub down. After you’ve rubbed spices onto the meat, you can let the ribs continue to rest on the countertop so they can get closer to room temperature. Doing so will help cook your meat evenly for a tender bite.

3. Master Using a Grill the Right Way

After you preheat and clean your MasterBuilt BBQ grill, you’re ready to start making your ribs. Lots of people get great results by placing the ribs on direct heat for 10-15 minutes on each side then finishing the cooking process by using indirect heat for an hour or more. If you want to learn how to barbecue, it’s crucial to go low and slow with ribs.

4. Wrap With Foil to Keep Moist

One of the best barbecue tips is to wrap your ribs in some tinfoil when you’re at the indirect heat cooking stage. This will help contain the juices that make the meat succulent. You can even add a little splash of apple juice on top before wrapping tightly to create a bit of steam.

5. Finish With Barbecue Sauce

One of the best parts of eating ribs is getting the tangy barbecue sauce all over your fingers. Once your meat thermometer is getting close to registering at 145 degrees, you can slather on your favorite sauce and give a quick sear on direct heat once more if you desire a smokier flavor. Be sure to let your ribs rest for around 5 minutes before eating so the meat stays juicy.

Now You Know How to Grill Ribs

Learning how to grill ribs at home isn’t as challenging as you might think. While the results may not be quite as good as specialty ribs that have been cooked in an expensive smoker, this guide is guaranteed to get them as close to that flavor as possible.

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