Old Town Tequila – Things To Know Before Buying A Tequila

Buying alcoholic beverages like tequila does not mean that a person is a drunkard. This is the usual impression we have whenever we see someone shopping boxes of them. These bottles could be for a restaurant, bar, hotel, gift, special occasion, or personal. We can assume that these people are experts when it comes to tequila so he is in-charge to do such tasks.

Some people even bother to buy a bottle of liquor when they visit different places just like in Old Town San Diego because this city is popular for Mexican culture and this is where you can find fine brands. The only thing you have to work on is how you can find the best or an authentic store because you surely have numerous shops to choose from. So, you will need to exert some effort by asking reliable individuals for their recommendations.

But do not forget that you also need to know about tequila so that sellers cannot fool you because when they see that you sound like an expert, they will give what you are looking for. Let’s say that you have to be smart here because people who only think about business are tricky, especially when you are just touring around. Now, if you will buy this in San Diego or will even go to Mexico for this, then it is still best to learn about this drink before purchasing one.


As an enthusiast, you surely know what a bottom or top-grade is by simply smelling or tasting a shot. But for some individuals, what matters most is the spirit that it brings to every drink you consume, such as margarita – learn more about this drink from https://www.thespruceeats.com/fresh-margarita-cocktail-recipe-759317, and either neat or with lime.

You should know that this is distilled and sugar extract from a plant called blue agave. It has to undergo a fermentation or aging process and the color will depend on how long it will stay in the barrels. When sold in Mexico it may contain 35 – 55% of AVB, while 40% in the US.


The purest type is called Blanco which comes directly from the stills and is usually referred to Plata or unaged Blanco. This is an ideal mixture of cocktails since the bite of tequila adds some spice to the fruit flavors so it runs fine on your mouth. But for a smoother experience, you have to look for a Reposadothat is processed and stayed in the barrels for 2 months to 1 year.

Another type that you may be looking for is Anejo which aged for 1 – 3 years in oak wood barrels. While those that aged for more than 3 years are called Extra Anejo and this is a rare variety. It is like a proud possession that is never mixed with other beverages so it could be collected, preserved, and served on special occasions.

Rules to Consider

For the first rule, always look for 100% blue agave content – check this out for more details. This is an assurance that you are about to buy a product with premium quality. Drinking this kind will minimize the hangover which drinkers usually experience as a usual effect of any alcoholic drink on our body system. So, if you hate hangovers but would love to enjoy some shots, then choose the premium ones that suit your budget.

Our second rule is to know your brand or type that suits your taste. We have a lot of brands with different varieties, so pretty sure that you will have all the options when you go to San Diego. I guess you already had a taste of various brands because this will make it easier for you to have choices or preferences.

The third rule is to not be confused with the color quality because it has to be naturally gold and without color additives. Lastly, prices should not always be the basis when it comes to the quality of tequila. In my opinion, it is still important to consider your personal preferences, purpose, and the fun its spirit brings to the consumers.

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