Must-Order Items When You Visit the best BBQ in Huntsville Alabama

Barbecuing is a serious business in Alabama. The barbecue industry in this region has grown massively in the past 25 years. Every grilling and barbecue expert thinks they are the best. With so many barbecue restaurants out there, all claiming to be the best, consumers can find themselves in a confusing spot. That’s why they should do what experienced barbecue judges do – order essential dishes at various barbecue joints and decide for themselves. However, even doing that is challenging as each BBQ joint has its own set of unique offerings. So, here are some BBQ essentials and must-order items that indicate the true qualities of BBQ joints –

Ribs and Sauces

There’s nothing more pleasant than chomping on crispy ribs with caramelized exteriors and tender interiors. Ribs taste the best when the meat has a glimmering pink tint. Of course, the debate between wet and dry ribs is never-ending. The best BBQ in Huntsville, Alabama, will offer both. These establishments will also ensure that the meat on the ribs isn’t overcooked. Meat sliding off the bone is an indication of overcooking. On overcooked ribs, the meat falls off almost instantly and hangs like flaps, causing the eater’s clothes to get stained. On the other hand, meat on ribs that need some pressure to be bitten off is way better.

BBQ enthusiasts are also very particular about their barbecue sauces. The BBQ joint should offer at least four to five different types of sauce. However, BBQ sauces shouldn’t be used to hide the actual taste of the meat. Consumers must first check the smoky flavors of their meat before using BBQ sauces. 

Other Essentials

Some other must-order dishes include – pulled pork, briskets, and burnt ends. After ordering these items, consumers get to see whether their meat is hand-chopped or machine-chopped. Hand-chopped pork will always be tender, whereas machine-chopped pork is often mushy. Order these essentials to discover the true qualities of any BBQ joint.


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