Brie cheese: what is it? Let us give you some unknown facts

The oldest cheese in France could only arouse curiosity. If you find a cheese with white mold and a soft texture strange, know that this delicacy was once the favorite food of kings and queens. Did you know that Brie cheese is considered the king of cheeses? And this crown was first given by authentic kings and queens at the Congress of Vienna in 1814, France. As you’ve seen, we haven’t even begun to talk about this cheese and we’ve already revealed some curiosities about its origin.

Brie cheese has a white rind

If you are passionate about cheese, you already know that fungi are important characters in its development. And brie would be no different, as the Penicillium fungus is also responsible for the internal and external maturation process.

The white bark is also edible

Many people prefer not to eat brie bark, perhaps because they know it is the result of the action of a fungus. However, this edible white mold cheese is still a popular taste, but if you don’t like it too much, be sure to give it a try.

Try before you buy

Before buying authentic brie cheese, ask to try at least one piece. It is recommended to buy small pieces, as this type of cheese after opening is difficult to keep at home. A good tip is not to buy cheeses with very white rinds, which have not yet fully developed their consistency.

Champagne is a classic pairing

Of course, white and red wines are great companions for brie. However, in France, pairing brie cheese with sparkling wine has become a common and pleasant habit.

Brie cheese does not age when sliced

Cheeses that are not overripe will be hard to the touch. Remember that a little older brie offers a stronger flavor and more crumbly edge. Therefore, avoid buying large quantities, because when these cheeses are sliced, they stop aging.

What are the best combinations for brie?

This cheese is already tasty. But if you want to raise its potential, add some foods, such as apples, pears, jellies, jams and even honey. Besides, it also accompanies French breads, almonds, sweets and biscuits.

Brie cooling time

To maintain the quality of this cheese, it is necessary to remove it from the refrigerator within 30 minutes before serving it. Another important tip is not to leave it exposed directly to air, precisely to avoid compromising its quality.

Can brie cheese be baked?

Yes, although it is usually eaten cold, brie can be baked in aluminum foil and it also goes well with fondues, sauces, meats and some salads.

Brie cheese has two varieties

That’s right. The king of cheeses has two varieties. The BRIE DE MEAUX comes with a more defined texture and strong flavor, but not spicy. Besides, we also have the BRIE DE MELUN, a saltier option with an almost melted texture.


Brie cheese is a great source of protein and calcium and bacteria that help regulate the intestines. For those who are lactose intolerant and like cheese, opting for more yellow and aged cheeses is a solution because it has very little lactose and can be a great source of calcium, especially.

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