Almond-Orange Salad With Honey Mustard Dressing

Okay, so everybody likes quick and simple , tasty. Which salad is easy and attractive. My grandchildren love this salad…specifically the Mandarin oranges within the salad. For people who’ve children or grandchildren and also serve this almond-orange salad, it’s recommended to mean around the handful of in the oranges disappearing prior to being ready to eat.

This salad is excellent with almost anything, but it’s especially good getting a few traditional comfort food like traditional Southern fried chicken, biscuits, corn, mashed taters and gravy…typically the most popular!

Here’s whatever you do:


1 mind Romaine lettuce

  1. Wash and break the lettuce into bite size pieces, then spin them dry within the salad spinner. Put the lettuce within the salad bowl.

1 10.4 ounce can Mandarin orange sections, drained (and hidden inside the children)

  1. Mix the above mentioned pointed out stated orange slices combined with Romaine lettuce within the bowl.

Honey mustard dressing (see below)

Toasted sliced or slivered almonds

  1. Put the lettuce and Mandarin orange mixture on individual serving plates and pour across the honey mustard dressing (see below), then sprinkle with almonds wish. I like lots of almonds, but just a couple of sprinkled on the top looks better. It is not always a terrible idea disappear somewhat bowl of almonds available so diners will add what they really want.


1 16 ounce bottle House Italian salad dressing (I exploit Kraft)

1/4 cup mustard

3/4 cup honey, or higher to taste

  1. Mix the above mentioned pointed out stated ingredients well obtaining a wire whisk.

This almond-orange salad not just goes well with fried chicken, but it’s also goes particularly well with pork dishes, for example pork tenderloin, pork chops, that is fantastic with any Mexican pork dish.

Yes, I recognize a number of these are high-calorie dishes, however a great somewhat vacation out of your diet every from time to time and revel in?

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