2021 Dieta Guide: Soul Quest Ayahuasca Medicine Diet

A comprehensive introduction to the mother plant ayahuasca can be summarized into two factors. Initially, the body or the physical condition which receives cleansing and healing potentialities of the plant and the spiritual, psychological condition or the mind that has a motion potentiality. Thus, for the soul quest we have to know about the ceremony of the ayahuasca.

Ayahuasca retreat is an ancestral tradition of Peru. It is in fact a brew that is prepared from varied plant medicines of Amazonians. This includes the perennial shrub, Psychotria viridis and B. caapi vine that is vitally made from Banisteriopsis Capri a liana that grows in South American. This mixture has been effectually prepared via shamans for over 2500 years.

This ceremony is usually carried out at nights and sometimes during the day. A group of at least five and maximum of twenty five individuals are gathered for this ritual. The stages of this ceremony includes the following five: the participants are seated, the place is blessed by shamans that supervise the ceremony, the participants are given ayahuasca, shamans initiate singing icaros and almost all the participants start experiencing the ayahuasca effects within 20 minutes to one hour depending on the given dose. Nevertheless, this was helpful information about the ceremony.

The general information about ayahuasca is that it is a retreat and a healing process whereby the trained shamans will provide the safest experience to the users. The psychedelic effects that are experienced by the users are primarily flying to different realities and secondarily overcoming the varied struggles, etc.

This general information on ayahuasca and about the ceremony   is effectually dependents on the shamans who are highly experienced healers of the day they have the deepest knowledge of vital healings that have passed to them through the generations. These authentic Shipibo shamans are among the largest as well as most ethnic groups of the Peruvian selva.

Those who are interested to discover this unique healing effect can travel from Lima there are varied options available whereby one can find them in the contacts section. Nevertheless, there are many other ways of contacts. These include email, phone number, sending a request in addition to different messengers and social networks.

The center of ancestral Amazonian medicine which is popularly known as Moyano is stationed at Peru and is looking forward to avail its high services to the elite customers who visit them from different corners of the world.

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